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Professional Caulking Services in Ramsey, NJ Saved This Leaking Bathtub from Severe Water Damage

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November 28, 2023

Most people don't find cleaning fun, and for some, it can pose a challenge. That was the case for a couple in Ramsey, NJ. They no longer had the energy to keep up with the maintenance the troublesome bathtub in their guest bathroom demanded. It all started a few months prior to our visit. The homeowners noticed the bathtub had been overcome with dirt. At the time, they were able to solve the problem with a quick cleaning session. As time passed, however, the bathtub became increasingly difficult to clean. Every week, they found themselves spending more time and energy to achieve the same result.

Picture of a Bathtub Before and After Our Caulking Service in Ramsey, NJ
Weekly maintenance sessions slowly transitioned to daily clean-ups. The owners just couldn't keep up. One day, they made the decision to give up on the bathroom. This is when dirt began to accumulate across the bathtub's surfaces and stains started appearing on the fixtures. Fortunately, when one of the couple's close friends found out about their problem, he suggested calling us. He told the homeowners he had experienced a similar problem in his bathroom and we had solved it with our caulking services in Ramsey, NJ. Following their friend's recommendation, the couple gave us a call to request a free in-home evaluation.

On the day of the evaluation, our crew visited the client's home to inspect the bathtub. Upon walking in, our techs immediately noticed why the homeowners were concerned. The tub was dirty and stained, and there were hard water stains on the shower-head and faucets. Sadly, the problems didn't stop there. The grout on the walls and the caulk on the expansion joints were cracked, dirty, and nearly non-existent in certain spots. If not addressed right away, the chunks of missing caulk and grout would allow water to seep into the wall, eventually leading to far worse problems.

To fix the problem, our professionals recommended thoroughly cleaning the bathtub's surfaces and sealing the grout lines on the walls with our proprietary sealant ColorSeal. They also offered to replace the caulk on the expansion joints with epoxy grout, which is better suited for humid environments. Knowing that the proposed service would end up saving them money and effort in the long run, the couple immediately agreed to the offer.

Later that week, our team of hard surface specialists went back to the customer's place to perform the service. They began by soaking the tub area with Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This is a pH-neutral cleaning solution that's safe for both tile and grout. It also contains ingredients that can help to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. After they let the cleaner sit for a few minutes, our techs rinsed the cleaner off using a high-speed scrubber. They used this gentle tool until they removed every trace of dirt. They also used a steam cleaner on the bathtub's expansion joints to ensure they were free of mold and mildew. Our technicians finished the cleaning process by scraping out the remaining caulk from the expansion joints.

Once everything was clean and dry, our team applied ColorSeal to the grout lines on the walls. ColorSeal is an acrylic-based sealant that protects grout against water, stains, soap, mold, and mildew. It also comes in a variety of colors to match any tile. Next, our experts re-grouted the expansion joints with Stainmaster epoxy grout. On top of having the same protective qualities of ColorSeal, this epoxy-based grout will serve as an extra measure to prevent water from seeping into the walls.

When they finished, our hard surface experts let the couple see the results. They were absolutely amazed and pleased with the outcome. Our team had managed to restore the bathtub to its former glory. They thanked our crew for the job and said they would recommend our services to anyone in need of hard surface restoration.

Before leaving, our techs gave the clients a few tips to ensure the bathtub remained in good condition. They first recommended cleaning the bathing area using a dry cloth and a pH-neutral cleaning solution like our proprietary cleaner. Unlike most store-bought products, our cleaner doesn't contain soap or abrasive substances. They also explained to the customers that thanks to ColorSeal, the bathtub would be much easier to clean. To finish, our specialists suggested keeping the bathroom ventilated to avoid water seepage and mold growth. With these simple tips, the clients should be able to keep the bathtub in good condition until the next maintenance session.

When your cleaning routine is no longer enough to keep your surfaces in good shape, it's best to seek professional help. Here at Sir Grout Northern New Jersey, we have the necessary tools and expertise to bring your hard surfaces back to life. Call us at (201) 571-2424 or click the "Schedule a FREE Quote" button on this page to schedule a free evaluation today. To keep up with our latest news and promotions, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.
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